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The FORUM FOR SCIENCE AND ART's purpose is to create a context for members to share their ideas, discoveries and  creative endeavors for feedback and support in the broad integration  of Science and Art.  Our members are artists  delving into the mysteries of science and nature for inspiration and scientists exploring creative expression  beyond the confines of their discipline.

      Because of our great diversity, we offer opportunities for creative collaboration, information barter and collective inquiry. We also gather to develop a sense of community with individuals who delight in exploring new possibilities and integrating opposites. We have been meeting as an independent, grass roots organization for over 10 years. We are locally based but globaly connected to international science/ art groups.  Everyone is welcome to The Forum for Science and Art, the curious, the interested and the passionate!

The Forum for Science and Art website is an on-going attempt at compiling a body of information relevant to Science and Art ANDArt and Science. Articles, editorials, artworks are welcomed and will be included in the site content on a monthly basis.