Jean Constant


The Riemann conundrum

Bernarhd Riemann was a German mathematician who did seminal work in complex analysis and mathematical physics in the mid 1850s. He laid the foundation of the general theory of relativity and was instrumental in helping develop the field of topology - the study of shapes and space in which the properties of figures remain unchanged by continuous deformations.

The figures in the gallery were extracted from the math-visualization programs 3D-XplorMath and Mandelbulb 3D. They were reassembled and reinterpreted with the help of various 2D graphic applications.

The conundrum came from the unexpected connection I made between Riemann visualizations and Minoan cultural symbols. Was it right - even appropriate - to blend such different source of inspiration and make the following images available on this site? It will be for the viewer to decide.

This work is dedicated to Daedalus - he was said to have given sculptures the power of movement.

Jean Constant. 11, 2013

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